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linux.conf.au 2010: Day 5 (afternoon)

This will be the end of the series, as I’m leaving for the airport this afternoon.

Rusty Russell: FOSS fun with a Wiimote

Rusty told an entertaining story about his journey to produce geeky toys for his daughter, who is too young to use a keyboard or other standard human-computer interface. I always enjoy hearing about the intermediate steps of invention, and this was no exception. After five design iterations and several long distractions, Rusty produced a couple of working applications using Python and libcwiid, and demonstrated one of them.

Ariel Waldman: Space hacks

Ariel’s talk explained the (surprisingly numerous) ways in which geeks can get actively involved in advancing space science and exploration. With budgets of zero, hundreds or thousands of USD, there are projects which are accessible to individuals and schools which offer not only fun and education opportunities, but actually contribute something to the human study of outer space.

I didn’t note them down, so please watch the talk if you’re interested.


Written by Matt Zimmerman

January 22, 2010 at 03:44

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